Gifting a saree to your mother is one of the most endearing ways to express you love. We cannot put in words the happiness we feel when you choose HolyWeaves for gifting to your loved ones.

However, the manner of giving is often as important as the gift itself.

Now, you can make your gift even more personal by sending a personalised multimedia message with the saree/ dupatta. This message can be an audio, video or an image.

No technical know-how is needed!! 🙂

Here are the simple steps:

  1. Place your order on our online store
  2. Record your message (you can use your phone’s built in voice recorder for audio message, or camera for a video/ image message) and send it to us over whatsapp or email with the HolyWeaves order number. The order number can be found in the order confirmation email which you receive immediately after placing an order.
    • whatsapp: +91 7347 7347 73
    • email:
  3. We will host the multimedia message online and create a QR code. The QR code will be printed and sent with the saree.
  4. The recipient will see the QR code on the saree packaging. All she needs to do is point her mobile camera** on the code and this will play the recording*.

The service comes with a complimentary gift pack at no extra cost.
To be able to apply this service on an order, we request you to please send the multimedia gift message request within an hour of placing the order.

*An internet connection will be needed to view/ play the multimedia message. Depending on recipient’s internet speed, it may take a couple of seconds for the message to play.

**Please note that all recent iphones and most new android phones have built is QR code scanner in their cameras. However, if it is an older device or if the camera does not have built-in reader, the phone may require a QR code scanner app to read the code.

Here is a sample QR code with a sample song message. Scan it with your phone camera (or a qr-code scanner app). A small message will pop-up which will take you to the link that hosts the message.

Liked what you heard? How about recording a song in your own voice? Or a short video. Just send it to us and we will put your custom gift message. It will play when the recipient scans the printed qr-code.

Please let us know what you think about this unique initiative in the comments section below. Your feedback means truly means a lot to us.

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Happy gifting.